Jars and Cans

[from left to right: Auntie's Heirloom Candles in Poppy's Secret, Climbing Roses Folly & Sweet William's Way;
Illume Good Nature Tins in Citron & Basil, Coconut Milk Mango and Sweet Olive Blossom]

I popped into the new Anthropologie store yesterday, a place where I find myself recently heading to for home inspiration. Every time I go I am always drawn to the assortment of candles, sniffing each one as I close my eyes and sigh. I saw these can and jar candles yesterday and couldn't stop thinking how perfect they would be in a kitchen. They all have that fresh garden smell, perfect for eliminating those lingering smells of last night's dinner. I particularly love the jam jars with their bubbled glass (to look like jam of course) and homemade-esque labels.

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