Black Bottom Cupcakes

I seem to have an undying love for cupcakes, both making them and eating them. I even used to work in a cupcakes bakery and one of its perks was taking home the leftovers (likely the cause of an acne bout last year). One of my favourite cupcakes was the New York Cheesecake, which I decided to attempt the other day. I originally chose the Black Bottom Cupcake recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook but that ended disastrously as I was left with a thick, elastic dough that was supposed to be the batter. (There seems to be ratio problems with this book as nothing has worked out for me 100%. I think it might have something to do with taking large-scale bakery recipes, scaling them down and then converting them to North American measurements.) So after a frustrating batter battle, at which point I felt like I was a contestant on Cupcake Wars, I started over with a new recipe found here and here. It turned out better than I could have hoped for. They're super moist and the salt in the cheesecake filling balances out the sweetness of the cake and frosting. Simple to make, they have become a new sweet treat favourite.

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