back east

I've been back in Toronto for almost three weeks now and I must say I'm a little disappointed in the weather. Where's the snow?! It's been so mild the last few days, it feels like I'm back on the west coast. Needless to say, when the temperature does decide to dip below zero, I am prepared. The few days that we have had a dusting of snow, I've eagerly pulled on my Hunter boots (with fleece liners of course), my extremely warm Community parka (made from hemp and 90% duck down!), and cozy mittens from Talula. I'm waiting on the Longchamp bag to make it's way over to me. Having never spent a winter back east, I really had no idea what to expect but I was told that in Toronto it does get slushy and so that meant buying waterproof gear. Hence, the boots, parka, and bag - all waterproof! My phone is telling me that it's supposed to snow this weekend, so here's hoping to snowmen, mugs of hot chocolate and catching snowflakes on my tongue.

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