making me happy

[Beautiful books I received for my birthday]

This past weeks feels like a blur and it's not that it was a particularly busy one. Last weekend was my birthday and it was such a lovely one. Don't you love it when your birthday gets stretched out over the course of the weekend? I sure do. I was treated with thoughtful gifts, delicious treats, and a drink or two... or three...or... The week that followed was relaxing and full of chocolate consumption (do you see the disappearing rows below? We're now down to about half a row.) As you may have read from my last post, I am eagerly anticipating the snow and I can happily report back to you that it did snow today! Yipee! For a good two hours it snowed big, beautiful, fluffy flakes, what I like to call, "romantic snow". It's supposed to start up again tomorrow and I can hardly wait! Hope you have a great weekend!

[A box of Purdy's dark chocolate creams]

[ Monk and Lou white lace crop top and Zara camel skinnies]

[Geometric earrings from Forever 21]

[Wilfred tribal scarf that keeps me oh-so-warm and goes with everything]

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