cupcakes and the city

Wednesday was the perfect day. I finished an exam in the morning and had the rest of the beautiful day to do whatever I pleased. A friend of mine and I decided to go to St. Lawrence market and on our way there came across a cupcakemobile. When I first spotted the girly pink truck from across the street my heart flipped and I stopped in my tracks, trying to register a) how I had never thought of such a genius invention and b) why I did not know that this had been parked here every Wednesday the entire year and so close to where I live. Walking up to the truck with a 5 year-old's grin on my face, I was met by a super sweet woman, whom I'm assuming is the owner, and was shown all the delicious options, baked fresh that very day. My friend decided on the chocolate salted caramel and I on the chocolate hazelnut (it was a close tie between that and red velvet). They were delicious. I may be asking for too much but now that we have a cupcakemobile, could we pretty please have a cupcake vending machine

To learn more about the Cupcake Diner, visit here

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