spring jackets

Though summer is on its way (I can feel it!) there's still that spring nip in the air that leaves me in need of a light spring jacket. Having left any form of coat back in Toronto, I've been wrapping myself in this scarf on chilly days and nights (or stealing my sister's jacket much to her disapproval). I've been on the hunt for a jacket and apparently I'm leaning towards a trench or something similar. A traditional trench is classic and lovely but I would love to find something with a twist. These spring jackets definitely fit the bill:

2. Olive Waterfall Front Jacket
3. Wilfred Magdalena Drapey Trenchcoat
4. Topshop Wax Double Breasted Jacket
5. Topshop Premium Contrast Trench Coat
6. Surface To Air Wrench Trench Coat

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