painted sugar cookies

Back in December I came across a recipe from the Globe and Mail to paint sugar cookies using food colouring gel and almond extract. For some reason little edible canvases seem to get me going and I devoted probably a little too much time making Valentine's cookies this past weekend (with the help of my roomies of course). I'll admit, they're pretty cheesy but they kind of remind me of the thing you would have done in elementary school. Valentine's Day was pretty magical back then. You would decorate a paper bag with an excessive amount of doilies and hearts, tape it to the edge of your desk and come Valentine's Day you would find in there thirty or so love notes, all for you! It was just too easy back then. And those who attached one of those little packages of Hershey kisses to my card? Well, you were my soul mate. You know what, the more I'm thinking about this the more I think I should try this strategy with our mailbox. What do you think?

 { and for those cold souls }

The recipe is a little long to post and so if you're interested, just click here!

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