{ feeding my on going addiction for tableware }

This past week saw hibernation at its finest. With mid-terms and due dates fast approaching, I've been bundled up at home reading, drawing, painting, photoshopping etc. so that I can attempt to somewhat enjoy next week's reading week (wishful thinking is what that's called). On friday I got to experience my first eastern snowstorm, from the cozy confines of my bed of course.  And when not doing homework or taking part in the vicious game the neighbours like to play, "steal our freshly shovelled parking spot", I managed to sneak in a few enjoyable activities. 

{ birthday party complete with root beer floats and cupcakes }

{ revamping my room - with photos of baked goods of course }

{ playing dress-up with Kit, the poor thing }

{ learning to make gnocchi with my roommate's Italian family }

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