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So I'm not sure where those last two months went but I think it had something to do with the craziness that was school and just life in general. And now it's mid April (you wouldn't know it by looking out the window here - looks more like mid-Janurary to me), classes are finally over and only one project and two exams to go until I head back west for the summer. Amongst all the ridiculous moments that made up these last two months, like falling face first walking down a runway wearing a tulle wedding gown or splitting my head open on a cupboard and having to take a midnight trip to the ER to have it literally stapled back together, there were some pretty good ones too. And for those crappy ones, there's nothing like New Girl and one too many cartons of Ben & Jerry's to get you through. 

As I haven't really done anything but school work lately, I thought I would share some collaborative work my friends (who also happen to be my roommates) and I worked on. 

Photographer: Me  |  Art Director: Cynthia Scaringi  |  Model: Emmy-Kate van den Boogaard

This was an editorial shoot Cynthia and I did for our photography class, titled Highlighter Heroine. And Emmy, the model, is also one of our roommates. It was my first time shooting in studio with strobe lighting and it was the most hair-ripping experience. It also didn't help that my ISO was set to 3200 (that mean's noise, a lot of noise!)....ooops. But in the end we made it work and we were pretty happy with the results!

Photographer: Cynthia Scaringi  |  Art Director: Me  |  Model: Emmy-Kate van den Boogaard 

For our last editorial assignment, Cynthia and I switched roles. And again, the beautiful Emmy was our model. Isn't it crazy that this girl isn't a professional model? I just drag her out of bed at 6am with the promise of Starbucks or milk and cookies from here and she just knocks it out of the park every time!

Image 1 + 2: designs by Jenna Saunders  |  Image 3 + 4: designs by Adrianne Hill
Model: Cynthia Scaringi

Jenna and Adrianne are my other two roommates who are studying fashion design. I shot some of their pieces (above) for their portfolios as well as for a lookbook that I'm working on. And this time, Cynthia was my model! Don't I have such talented and gorgeous roommates?

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