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I don't know if it's the rainy weather that has consumed the month of June but the travel bug is biting hard. It seems everyone is galavanting to far off places and I'm stuck here in my rubber boots and frizzed hair. And so while jet-setting is not an option right now, I've found myself digging through the archives of travels past. In 2011 I spent 4 months living in Paris and though I felt like I got a pretty good sense of the city, there was still so much I didn't see and I would love to go back a fourth time (yes, I know I'm being greedy). There seem to be a number of people I know who are Paris-bound this summer and so thought I'd share just a couple of my favourite things to do in the City of Light.

 La Grande Mosquée de Paris is like a little piece of paradise in the middle of a bustling city. So peaceful and serene, it's the perfect escape after a long day of crowded museums and tourist-ridden sights.

As a fashion student, naturally one of the highlights of my stay was staking outside the fashion shows during Paris Fashion Week. Of course this only happens during certain times of the year. But if you do so happen to be there during one of those times make sure to head to the Tuileries Garden with a camera in hand (and yes, that is the lovely ms. dello russo).

I lived on Rue Montorgueil and one of my favourite (and most affordable) patisseries was Maison Collet, with its window full with these little cuties (and many other delectables too). 

On a grey cloudy day, Le Cimetière du Père Lachaise is the perfect place to take a moody saunter. Make sure to put on your YSL Rouge Volupté and pay your tribute to Oscar Wilde via a kiss.

Having received much praise and a favourite of Lenny Kravitz, L'as du Fallafel located in the Jewish quarter in Le Marais is a must stop. With always a lineup for both takeout and sit-in, it's definitely worth the wait, I promise. 

Though the Moulin Rouge may come to mind first, there are a number of smaller (and less expensive) venues that put on some pretty entertaining shows. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw this one but it was so much fun!

Happy traveling! And for those who aren't, join me in a screening of this personal favourite.

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