baby, it's cold outside

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I'm currently spending my last week in Toronto of 2013 before I head home for the holidays. The temperatures are dropping, there was even sight of snow for a day, and every store, mall and my bedroom that I walk into, Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer tempt me with just that half a drink more. With no exams (!!) and just a presentation to do the day I leave, I've had ample time to get into the holiday spirit and by that I mean working my way through my Christmas movie list, making homemade donuts and fudge (recipes to come), stringing popcorn garlands, strolling through Toronto's christmas market, listening to this album and this playlist. In a permanent flannel and plaid ensemble, I'm going to soak up the rest of this magical bliss until I head to Vancouver and, oh right, do more of this!

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