Sat, that's what I did all day long. In fact it's what I've been doing for the past 3 days. That and lying in my bed. With lots of blankets, fleece, flannel and slippers. I know there's an army of us out there fighting off the post-holiday cold (or flu if you've fallen to such a fate). It's got me hot with cabin fever and as I try tell myself that it's best to rest, I've found myself catching up with my favourite blogs that I've neglected to read over the past 4 weeks being home. It's also got me pinning and brainstorming new ideas for 2014. I'd like to think I've been somewhat productive. To show you evidence that I haven't only been watching episodes of Sex and the City, here are some links I'm loving this cold and congested weekend:

I just got a new iPhone (no, not of the 5 family but it's an upgrade from what many considered a dinosaur) and so I'm eyeing these cases on etsy

I'm hoping to rediscover kale and continue my new love for potatoes with this perfect-for-winter salad

A good piece of advice to take into the new year

I love discovering local (Vancouver) talent and I came across this (food) photographer via a recent Christmas gift

Though it's not summer I'm still dying to try this triple-berry gluten-free cake

And finally, an easy DIY to personalize any cake

photo found here

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