SOS spinach soup

This was my first time making soup (!) and it was incredibly easy I don't know why I haven't started doing this earlier. I call it an SOS soup (save our stomachs, of course) because that's exactly why I started making it as my nutritionist recommended it to me for my food-allergy-stomach problems. Whenever my stomach isn't 100% I blend up a batch of this soup and it lasts me for a couple meals. It's so easy to make and the colour makes it that much more appetizing 'cause I know I'm giving my body some TLC with all that green goodness. I love it with a generous drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of hemp hearts.

Spinach Soup (adapted from Julie Daniluk)
Makes 3 cups

8 cups fresh spinach, loosely packed
1/8 - 1/4 lemon juice (depending on how acidic you like it - I find 1/4 cup too acidic for me)
1 cup roasted sweet potato, squash, yam or canned organic pumpkin (I always use sweet potato)
1 tbsp coconut oil (Julie lists coconut butter and I've tried that too but I much prefer the oil)
2-3 whole green onions (I used 2 and it's plenty onion-y)
1/2 cup vegetable broth
2 1/4 cups boiling water
1/4 cup hemp hearts
unrefined sea salt to taste
drizzle of organic olive oil
sprinkling of hemp hearts

1. Place all ingredients (except olive oil) into a blender and puree on high until smooth

2. If not heated through enough, heat in a pot on the stove.

3. Pour into bowls, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with hemp hearts.

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