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I wrote out this quote on a piece of sketchbook paper last night and taped it to the wall above my desk. If there is a saying I can relate to more than any other it's this one. Like many people of the visual creative world, I have a very persistent and strong case of perfectionism. It's a blessing and a curse, I tell you. Wanna know something? I wrote out this quote at least 10 times because I couldn't get it perfectly imperfect. Like come on now. I let fear get in the way of things way too often and it constantly prevents me from going after what I want and what I want to do. Like blogging, for example. So that's why I stuck this up above my workspace to remind myself (especially while I'm working) to face fears and get over them. Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul - haha), you're a wise man. 

Anyways, here are some links I was loving this week:

I just discovered this online workshop site for all things design-related and more. I can't wait to sign up for a membership!

This lovely lady has a just as lovely design aesthetic that I very much admire. She also has a great instagram.

Such a great idea for bridesmaid dresses!

I love Jessica's perfectly imperfect hand lettering. She's super sweet and answered my questions about digitalizing hand lettering.

This leprechaun-approved shake sounds sooo good.

happy weekend folks!

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