weekend snaps

With the anticipation that this past weekend was supposed to be rainy, it turned out to be actually quite lovely. I have been looking forward to this particular weekend for a while because as a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends, myself, the bride and the rest of the bridal party went dress hunting on Saturday at Frocks (1). Sarah is my first friend to get married and this is my first role as a very honoured bridesmaid. Pretty exciting stuff! After we successfully found a dress that looked pretty darn fab on all ladies, we went to Heirloom (2) for lunch. None of them had been there and I'm glad my recommendation was a hit. It's beautiful in there, the service is lovely and the food is delicious (and lots of gluten-free and vegan options!). Sunday was spent baking amazing chia seed donuts (3) (recipe from Oh She Glows cookbook) and working on assignments for my Illustrator class from Nicole's Classes (4).

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