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This was my first week back in Vancouver and I hate to say it's gone by pretty fast. I feel like it's been a pretty accomplished week - got jobs figured out, seen friends I haven't seen in months, stocked the kitchen and made some plans for the summer months ahead. I think this is going to be one darn good summer. I'm used to working restaurant hours, meaning getting home at 2 am and then sleeping in. I was always working weekends, wishing I could take part in end-of-the-week shenanigans. But alas I have a Mon-Fri, 1pm - 8pm job and I am just sooo over the moon. That means I can do my design job in the morning and go to work for the afternoon/early evening and get to bed at a decent hour. Yayayay! In Mother's Day tradition this weekend, my sister, mum and I are going to Yellow Point. I can't wait to breath in more of this West Coast air.

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In terms of web wonderings, here's where I've ended up this week:

1. My oldest friend Alexandra (we're talking 21 years and we haven't hit the 25 birthday mark yet) is off on an adventure in Australia with her boyfriend. Her blog One Moose Town (she did a 1 year stint in Fraser Lake) keeps me laughing every week. And even more exciting, once her and Chris are finished snuggling with kangaroos they are moving to Toronto!! Fun times ahead!

2. I came across Half Baked Harvest for the first time this week and was SHOCKED that this amazing food photographer/stylist is only 20! It's no surprise she won a Blogger Award for Better Homes and Gardens.

3. My sister introduced me to Flash Tat the other day and these temporary tattoos are pretty cool. They're metallic! She ordered a pack and so I might just sneak one ;)

4. I came across this project from Oh Joy and it sounds pretty exciting! It's a magazine called Wild Apple and it's all gluten-free. They have a backing program on Kickstarter to help them launch this Fall. Can't wait to get a copy!

Have a great weekend!

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