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I feel like it's been one of those weeks (though I have many) where I plan to do a bunch of things, get really excited about them, then feel overwhelmed, can't decide where to start first and then give up. Well I didn't quite get to the give up stage because then I was reminded of this quote. I all too often set too many goals (a product of my obsessive list-making), and then plan and plan and plan until I find the perfect plan, which never happens. Basically I don't cross too many things off my list. I also have a terrible habit of choosing one thing and then doing it over and over and over again until it's perfect, again which it never is. Perfection gets in the way of my progress, in fact it brings it to a full stop, parking break on. All week I've been trying to find a new logo/header for this blog and I can't tell you how many times I wrote out "mlle" in the same handwriting. I'm not very good at experimenting, that's something I need to loosen up about. With all this considered I plan to be more loosy-goosy this weekend and into next week. I'm going to scan that logo in no matter how uneven that downward stroke is! In the meantime here are some links I've been loving this week:

1. One of my friends from school in Toronto, Andria, designed and made Liz Trinnear's dress for the MMVA's last weekend!! Pretty cool stuff. They even did a little making-of-the-dress video (she was also on tv last night, nbd). Congrats again, lady!

2. I hate to say it but I definitely feel like this duck sometimes.

3. There's been much talk about the new book "Vibrant Food" that just hit shelves and so it was this week I discovered the blog where it all began, The Year in Food. Beautiful photography and styling!

4. Recently I've been hit with the urge to take a calligraphy class but in the meantime this post has got me doing some faux calligraphy. I could spend hours doing this...and I have.

Haapppy Friday!

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