leaf print napkins

So I'll be honest, this post was meant to precede Thanksgiving but hey, it's still fall right? I've been wanting to try using cookie cutters as "stamps" for a while now and these leaf shapes that I've had forever seemed perfect. You could use any cookie cutters, perhaps make some halloween napkins with pumpkins and ghosts! I'm thinking these could make some pretty good Christmas presents down the road too…. P.S. my mum makes the best pumpkin pie with a ginger snap crust (see above image) ;)

Leaf Print Napkins

What you will need:
- cotton napkins (I found mine here)
- black fabric paint (I used this one)
- leaf cookie cutters (similar ones here or use whatever you like!)
- a dish for paint
- a fabric paint pen (not pictured in "supplies" image and is optional)

What you will do:
1. Wash, dry and iron your napkins
2. Pour some paint into the dish and dip the cookie cutter into the paint.
3. If you get a build-up of paint, lightly stamp a paper towel.
4. Stamp onto napkins and have fun with it!
5. To create the stem, use either a fabric paint pen (much easier and quicker) or use a very thin brush and the fabric paint.
5. Let napkins dry and follow your paint manufacturer's instructions.

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