weekend getaway

Last Friday Ben and I set off to the Sunshine Coast for a couple days of cozy cabin relaxation. I'd been craving a weekend away to just lounge about in a nice little cabin, reading, drinking tea, and playing board games. We tried out Airbnb for the first time and we found a place that seriously fit the bill in Gibbsons. Saturday was drizzly to say the least so we stayed inside for most of the day but also took a little "break" and went to the Persephone brewery. This place was so great! Though I couldn't drink the beer, the live music, friendly people, and the fact that it's housed in a big red barn made it for me. The next day was spent driving up the coast and we made it to Half Moon Bay. I think one of my favourite stops was the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek. If ever a place has gluten-free pizza on the menu, they get five stars from me! Feeling pretty lucky that I get to live on this beautiful (though perhaps not always sunny) coast :)

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