homemade gifts: linen and home spray

Growing up, one of my favourite things to do come Christmas was make gifts for friends and family. When I was in high school my go-to's were soap and lip balm (I even had a Martha Stewart kit to help with these early DIY endeavours). It wasn't until last year that I felt the homemade gift itch return and I made these candles. This year, linen sprays are first on my list. I've been really into spraying lavender wherever I can before going to bed (it's just so calming!) and grapefruit makes a great morning refresher. There's a great little supplies shop in Vancouver that makes whipping up these sorts of things so simple!

Linen Spray (makes one 4 oz. bottle)

One 4 oz. bottle with a spray top
1/2 cup distilled water
1 tsp isopropyl alcohol
20 drops essential oils (I used lavender for one and white grapefruit for another*)
Measuring glass
Masking tape
Printable labels (printed on adhesive paper)

1. In a measuring glass, add the distilled water and alcohol.
2. Pour the liquids into the bottle.
3. Add the essential oils.
4. Tighten the top on and give it a good shake.
5. Place a piece of masking tape along the bottom edge of the bottle. This will help to place the label on straight. Remove the backing from the label and carefully line it up with the masking tape.
6. Remove the masking tape and your done!

* If using a grapefruit essential oil, be sure it doesn't have a strong orange colour. On my first try I used pink grapefruit oil but it was too orange to spray onto linens. I opted for white grapefruit oil instead!

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